Boxer breeding kennel

The Dei Nobi Boxer Kennel in Milan and Alessandria selects Boxer dogs of the highest pedigree; the activity stems from the love of dogs and, above all, of this particular , which is very popular with adults and children alike and has, therefore, become a point of reference for dog lovers.

Boxer dogs are in great demand, especially by families who have lots of space. It is a medium-sized dog that needs quite large spaces but it can also live well in a flat as long as there is plenty of room, preferably with a balcony/terrace, and the family is willing to go for long walks.

The Boxer has short, stiff coat, which adheres closely to the body. The practice of cropping ears and docking tails has been banned since 2001. The specification for pure-bred dogs allows different shades of colour including fawn and brindle; fawn varies from lighter shades to a dark red colour. The shades of brindling are very particular, ranging from black on fawn or with dark stripes against a lighter coat. Adult male boxers usually weigh in excess of 30 kg, while the female is slightly smaller and weighs about 25 kg.

Anyone who decides to get a Boxer must pay special attention to its training so that it develops a balanced character. This breed attaches itself strongly to the family, is a skilled guard dog, harmless towards the family, but wary of strangers. It is very brave and yet also easy to train as it lends itself very much to submission to whoever it recognises as the leader of the pack, so its master. It is also a very clean dog, which makes it easy to handle.

Azienda Agricola Dei Nobi always makes puppy health its top priority. The Boxer Kennel in Milan and Alessandria only releases puppies that are at least 60 days old, when they have been fully weaned. All the dogs also undergo a vaccination protocol and are delivered with a veterinary health certificate. The puppies are delivered with a certificate confirming the pedigree and therefore the purity of the breed, and are also microchipped. All these precautions are taken to ensure that the puppies are healthy and can be properly cared for by their new family. Many dogs born at the Boxer Kennel have won various dog shows and this is the result of a lot of hard work and discipline in training the puppies.

If you too are thinking of bringing a Boxer dog into your family, contact the Dei Nobi Kennel. For more information call +39 335 6840007.

The Standard was set in 1902, amended in 1905 and completely revised in 1920. Black Boxers and white Boxers were excluded in 1925, followed by piebald Boxers in 1938. With the amendment of the Standard on 13/03/2001, as published on 02/04/2001, both tail and ears must be intact.